Schedule for the Spring 2017 Season

November 04, 2016

This spring Conversations in Black Freedom Studies will bring together a host of experts to address several burning issues: Decades of movements to stop killer cops and police brutality; the legacy of Black Power and  especially women in the Black Panther Party 50 years later; and the historic contributions of the Black sports ethos of women and men to the freedom struggle. Check back soon for more details, additions, and updates.

February 2: Black Power at 50

With Jamala Rogers, Mark Speltz, Stephen Ward, and Komozi Woodard 

March 2: Intersectional Black Panther History Project

With Angela LeBlanc Ernest, Robyn Spencer, Mary Phillips, and Tracye Matthews 

April 6: Black Athletes and the Freedom Struggle 

With John Smith and Jennifer Lansbury 

May 4: The Long history of Police Brutality and the Fight Against It 

With Clarence Taylor, Cathy Schneider, and Michael Flamm