Announcing Conversations in Black Freedom Studies Spring 2021 Season

January 04, 2021

February 4th

Civil Rights Legacies: Martin, Malcolm, Gwen, and Julian

New scholarship is deepening our understanding of both well-known and lesser-known activists in the Civil Rights Movement. In this discussion, Ashley Farmer, Pam Horowitz, and Peniel Joseph will discuss their research related to the legacies of civil rights activists Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Gwen Patton, and Julian Bond.


March 4th

Black Women in History and Struggle

Often overlooked in historical scholarship, Black women's perspectives can transform our understanding of US and social movement history. Join Daina Ramey Berry, Kali N. Gross, and Jeanne Theoharis in a discussion of their new books on Black women in history and struggle.


April 1st

Black and Red: Black Liberation and Socialism

How can we understand the historical connections between Black activism and the socialist movement? How do we navigate the relationship between race and class? Join Charisse Burden-Stelley, Robin D.G. Kelley, and Barbara Smith in a conversation about what we can learn from Black and Red histories.


May 6th

Sounds of Freedom: The Music of Black Liberation

The Black freedom struggle has been influenced by and generative of powerful musical traditions, including those that don't neatly fit into a "protest" genre. Join authors Hanif Abdurraqib, Shana Redmond, and Ricky Vincent as they discuss music’s role in the history and politics of the long struggle for Black freedom.