Updated Fall 2021 CBFS Schedule

August 28, 2021

We've got some exciting updates to the season. We've added Marisol LeBrón to our October discussion on policing and surveillance. In addition Laura Lovett will be joining us in December along with Emily Thuma who will now be part of that conversation on Radical Black, LGBTQ+ Feminist Lives. Looking forward to our first conversation of the season next Thursday!

September 2nd: Black Health - Medical Racism, Resistance, and Wellness

With George Aumoithe, Deirdre Cooper Owens, Stephanie Evans, and Martin Summers

October 7th: Understanding Policing and Surveillance in America

Daniel Chard, Marisol LeBrón, Victoria Law, and Stuart Schrader

November 4th: Education as a Practice of Freedom

With Davarian Baldwin, Jarvis Givens, Jesse Hagopian, and Elizabeth Todd-Breland

December 2nd: Radical Black, LGBTQ+ Feminist Lives:

With Moya Bailey, Laura Lovett, Barbara Smith, and Emily Thuma